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Environment Line Gordon

Environment Line Gordon is an internationally recognised scientist and professor in Sustainability Science, focusing on water, food and the biosphere. Our Café Head Chef Martin Berg visited her at Stockholm Resilience Centre to talk about the importance of shifting towards more mindful food choices – in our everyday lives and in the food industry at large.

We wanted to know how incorporating scientific knowledge into our food philosophy at ARKET Café can help us promote a better way of eating for our health and the well-being of the planet. This conversation, alongside other stories about why we care so much about food, and delicious recipes from ARKET Cafés, is part of our brand new cookbook that will be released in winter 2021..

Question How does your work connect food and sustainability?

I started out as a biologist and wanted to work with issues that involved both nature and humans. The role of the ecosystems in relation to humans and our welfare quickly leads to questions on farming and cultivation, how we manage our water resources, and our negative impact on the ecosystems, with consequences for society.

Most of my research has involved water, and the part water plays in the ecosystems and our daily lives. 70% of all human water use go straight to food production, so my work became directly connected to what we eat and how that affects our planet and society.

In the process, my work began to shift towards the food systems. It became essential to dig deeper into how to produce high-quality, healthy food in amounts that suffice our needs and support and sustain the environment at the same time. There are numerous exciting solutions, but we need to find ways to cooperate between various scientific disciplines and between science and society to make it happen.


I’m a constantly curious person, eager to find new ways of thinking and doing things. In my profession, it’s triggering to try out and present new ideas, like my directional change from ’fine dining’ and exclusive food experiences to working with more accessible concepts that can impact many people in their everyday lives.

I often felt that something was missing in the general sustainability work. We need people like Line that highlight the question, do the scientific research, and clarify the issues: what must be done, what we need to do more of, and what must stop. After that, my work begins. Based on science, I can focus my knowledge and experience to create products or dishes that are both attrac

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