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Materials  This product is knitted in Italy from the undyed grey wool of the Gotland sheep, a domestic breed named for the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Their wool is coarse but silky and naturally curly, producing a beautifully light fluffy yarn that is known to be exceptionally warm and lustrous. Keeping sheep has a long tradition on Gotland. The animals do well on rough pastures, grazing on bushes, leaves and wild herbs, and contribute to improving biodiversity and conserving the island’s rugged terrain. There are still a few workshops and craftsmen who keep the local tradition alive but most of the wool, which needs to be sheared regularly, is destroyed due to low demand. To support small family-owned farms and save this premium-quality material from going to waste, we are introducing a limited collection of timeless knits made from 100% Gotland wool.

care Gotland wool


This line features unique knitted garments made of undyed grey wool of the Swedish Gotland sheep. The wool has a natural protective coating that makes it resistant to dirt and dust, which means you don't have to wash the garments as often as you might think. 

Here's how to give them the right love and attention:

  • Air after each wear
  • Spot-treat stains
  • Store folded, not hanging up

Our washing recommendations:

  • Hand wash only
  • Use mild detergent specific for wool
  • Dry flat
  • Or dry clean


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